Adobe to contribute AMF support to Zend Framework

July 31, 2008

News, Zend Framework

p. Andi Gutmans, the CTO of Zend, blogged yesterday about a new proposal making it’s way through the Zend Framework process.

bq. Adobe has made a “proposal for an AMF (Action Message Format) component”: in “Zend Framework”: This ZF component will allow for client-side applications built with “Flex”: and “Adobe AIR”: to communicate easily and efficiently with PHP on the server-side. Leading the design of the component for Adobe is “Wade Arnold”: Wade already has a track record of bringing the Adobe RIA technologies to PHP as a result of all of his work on AMFPHP.

p. I know everybody over on the Zend Framework team is real excited about this proposal. If you work with Zend Framework then you are going to want to keep an eye on it.

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4 Responses to “Adobe to contribute AMF support to Zend Framework”

  1. lukemarklincoln Says:

    I find it disappointing, that people cannot contribute a negative opinion without resorting to offensive and immature language. Clearly said persons are of lower than average intelligence if you cannot even justify your reasons for your comment.

    I would be willing to wager that your code is not much better than your lexical abilities.

    Zend Framework Rocks, and Hats of to Adobe for embracing another corner of the development community and kindly providing support for clean integration of the two platforms. AMF communication for Flash and Flex is now supported on .NET, Java, PHP/ZEND, Python and several others. So what exactly is bad about that? perhaps you would prefer closed source, a distinct lack of integration and vendor tie in?

    You wouldnt last long in my team whoever you are.

  2. oximore Says:

    Personnaly, I ‘m sad that Bullshit Adobe entered the Zend world..

    For sure a loss to come..

    flex open source.. pffft.. my @#{&..


  3. adweinstock Says:

    Kudos to Zend for building a killer PHP framework, and kudos to Adobe for offering such strong support for open source AMF implementations.

  4. robsta Says:

    This is really great news! I am currently using JSON as the interface format between my Zend Framework and Flex app. This week I’ve been considering switching to amfphp (Lee Brimelow prepared a screencast, but I didn’t want to refactor/change all of my code. Zend_Amf is great news. I can’t wait to begin using it. Cheers Adobe!