Zend Framework 1.8.1 Released

May 13, 2009

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The Zend Framework team is happy to announce the immediate availability of
Zend Framework 1.8.1, the first maintenance release in the 1.8 series. You
can download it via our
downloads page
; Use the CDN link for fast downloads, or scroll down
the page for direct downloads of the 1.8.1 packages from the ZF servers.

1.8.0 was released only 13 days ago, but we already have logged 68
resolved issues in that timeframe! We appreciate everyone who has taken
the time to log bugs, documentation issues — even issues with the Quick
Start! — as well as those who have given generously of their time to
help resolve them.

One important bugfix that should be noted is that a glitch in packaging
of 1.8.0 meant that the Dojo version shipped with it was from the Dojo
1.2 branch — and not the 1.3 branch as reported in the changelogs. The
packaging script has been corrected, and the source build within the
full ZF distribution now correctly includes Dojo 1.3.

Other prominent changes include:

  • Zend_Loader::registerAutoload() now proxies to
    Zend_Loader_Autoloader, and marks the instance as a fallback
    autoloader. This will ensure equivalent functionality, and reduces
    the number of deprecation notices emitted to one.
  • Many bugfixes and improvements to Zend_Application.
  • Addition of module generation capabilities to Zend_Tool
  • Addition of strong object typing capabilities to Zend_Amf
  • Many more manual translations!

For a full list of resolved issues, href="http://short.ie/zf1-8-1-issues">please visit the ZF issue

Again, many thanks to all contributors to this release!

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8 Responses to “Zend Framework 1.8.1 Released”

  1. _____anonymous_____ Says:

    I spend some time this week-end refactoring a simple app to use Zend_Application in my bootstrap (based on the 1.7 quickstart).

    Did I miss somewhere an article or something helping to do that, besides the documentation of zend_app, especially for topics like registry, new autoloading (I find this Default_Model_* to be a pain in the ass) etc

    Can’t imagine doing that at work before a while.

    My 2 cents.

  2. dasprid Says:

    I’m working hard on Zend_Ical to get it done for 1.9, which will arrive in the usual minor release-cycle (3 months), so somewhere around end of July or August. You can watch the progress in the laboratory.

  3. _____anonymous_____ Says:


    Can you tell us aprox. when de Zend_iCal module will be available? Could you tell also the month when it will be?


  4. Mr_Foo Says:

    Hello there, there is a page about the new Zend_Tool:


    On this page you can find some helpfull links too.

  5. demods Says:

    I, like Jorge, would like to read some info about module generation capabilities to Zend_Tool. It would be great to update the documentation. Btw, thanks for the quick minor update :)

  6. tomiwa Says:

    My name is ADEFOKUN Tomiwa Michael from Nigeria, I am a big time supporter of Zend Framework, I have people around me, who have problem using it, well; I would say that this may be true for anyone who never really worked with PHP but frameworks.

    I decided to write a simple and lightweight framework that will allow them get started with object oriented PHP and MVC, I call it PHP Freedom Framework. My goal in to systematically built the framework on top of Zend, this will be enough for developers around here.

    At the moment it does not require any external library, neither does it need Zend Framework.

    I need experienced developers to help spend about 5 minutes on the project and tell me what they think.

    Website: http://www.phpfreedom.org/
    Downloads: http://code.google.com/p/phpfreedom/downloads/list

    Thank you.

  7. dsapriza Says:

    Nice to know that Zend_Loader::registerAutoload() proxies back… i was a bit mad about that (changing all apps and stuff.).

  8. jorge@konducta.com Says:

    Addition of module generation capabilities to Zend_Tool… any docs about how to use this addition?