Zend Framework 1.8.4 Released

June 23, 2009

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The Zend Framework team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of
the 1.8.4 release. This release is the fourth maintenance release in the 1.8
series. Over 50 issues have been resolved for this release, covering 20
different components.

You may download it from the Zend Framework site.

For a full list of closed issues, you can visit:


On the website, we have also made a new addition: roadmaps. These will be
used to indicate what new features and changes we plan to make for upcoming
minor and major releases (but not maintenance releases). Right now, we are
only detailing the upcoming 1.9.0 release, but expect to see more listings
in the future. Currently we are not setting dates for the releases as this
is often difficult to predict due to the fact that the releases are largely
dependent on contributor schedules — and most contributors are, in the end,
volunteering their time. We are, however, targetting 1.9.0 for late July of
this year.

You can visit the roadmaps at href="http://framework.zend.com/roadmap">http://framework.zend.com/roadmap.

Many thanks to all the contributors who helped with this release: issue
reporters, documentation translators, and code contributors alike; the
project could not exist without you!

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6 Responses to “Zend Framework 1.8.4 Released”

  1. mallyone2 Says:

    an rss feed of the upcoming release features using Zend_Feed :).

  2. holon35 Says:

    All my Dojo filteringSelect are down with this release.
    Populate dont work with Zend_Dojo_Form…

    I’m not alone with this issue.

    Do you correct this in 1.9.0 ?

  3. snefit Says:

    Thanx for the roadmap. Nice to see what we can expect in future releases ;)

    I’d love to see some Pdf security added to Zend_Pdf (or is it already there and missed it completely?).

    Thanx to all the contributors! Great job.

  4. vito_web Says:

    Great job, thanks a lot.
    Would be great to see in 1.9 the Route Rewrite handlers in Zend Tool and more optios with Modules based apps.

  5. remeseiro Says:

    well done guys.

    Would be nice if Zend_Oauth will be released on 1.9

  6. davecaunt1 Says:

    Thanks for the roadmaps – a great way to show which proposals are making progress and to inform what features to expect in future versions.

    Keep up the good work!