PHP Abstract Podcast Episode 43: Future of PHP and Standards

July 22, 2009


Episode 043: “Future of PHP and Standards”

Keith Casey
Cal Evans
Future of PHP and Standards
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Welcome to PHP Abstract: The Podcast for PHP Developers, by PHP Developers

In this episode I sit around a table with Keith Casey and Cal Evans as we ramble on a bit discussing the future of PHP (including PHP 5.3 and PHP 6) as well as talking about the framework standards group that has been formed. This was recorded while at php|tek in Chicago, before PHP 5.3 was released.

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2 Responses to “PHP Abstract Podcast Episode 43: Future of PHP and Standards”

  1. eliwhite Says:

    The discussions we had about php 5.4 was based upon info that had been passed in at the conference, especially from a PHP Core Developer meeting that had taken place and which Cal Evans had participated in.

    Granted everything is really up in the air, subject to change, and other info has come out since then.

  2. lsmith Says:

    where did you guys get all of these infos about 5.4? right now there is no plans for 5.4 at all .. the next version is to be 6.0. a 5.4 is only hinted to follow 6.0 to provide some more compatibility towards 6.0 for the 5.x tree.