Simple Cloud API announced

September 23, 2009


A number of industry leaders have comes together and made an announcement. A new Simple Cloud API is being developed for PHP, that will create an easy way to interface with any number of cloud services. The current contributors to this project include Zend, Microsoft, IBM, Rackspace, Nirvanix, and GoGrid.

This will not only makes it easier to develop to use these services. But more importantly, makes using cloud services still portable. So that as needed you can switch to a different cloud provider, without having to recreate all of your codebase.

From Zend’s Press Release on the matter:

The Simple Cloud API project empowers developers to use one interface to interact with a variety of cloud application services, enabling them to more easily access new technologies from cloud vendors. The first deliverables will include interfaces for file storage, document database, and simple queue services from platforms like Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network and Rackspace Cloud Files. As a result, developers can deploy software applications to access services in these environments without making time consuming and expensive changes to their source code.

4 Responses to “Simple Cloud API announced”

  1. wwllmm Says:

    Thanks for the spell check on the API. ‘Recieve’ has now been changed to ‘receive’. Keep the bug reports coming!


  2. eliwhite Says:

    RE: david_coallier — I know that there are lots of discussions going on with numerous different vendors, with the end goal, of course, to get everyone on board with this.

    RE: huemore — Thanks for that bug report, I’ll make sure it gets to the appropriate folks.

  3. huemore Says:


    Why is receive written as "recieve" in the method declaration of "recieveMessages" in the interface Zend_Cloud_QueueService ?

  4. david_coallier Says:

    This sounds like a brilliant idea. About time to get some people together to define a unified interface.

    Have you spoken with Amazon yet? I can’t seem to see their name in there.