ZendCon ’09 Slides

November 5, 2009


Following are all the talks that were given at ZendCon 2009, links to slides (where they’ve been made available by speakers), and when I was able to find it, links to speaker’s homepages. Any missing talks will be filled in as they are found.

Christian Wenz Zend PHP 5 Certification Boot Camp (Part I)
Christian Wenz Zend PHP 5 Certification Boot Camp (Part II)
Jeff Moore Writing Maintainable PHP Code
Rob Allen Zend Framework Certification Refresher
Matthew Weier O’Phinney Introduction to Zend Framework
Matthew Weier O’Phinney Ajax Strategies For Zend Framework
Sebastian Bergmann, Stefan Priebsch Quality Assurance in PHP Projects
Sebastian Bergmann, Stefan Priebsch, Arne Blankerts PHP Code Review
Arne Blankerts Essential PHP Security
Mike Pavlak PHP on IBM i
Andi Gutmans PHP at the Heart of Mainstream IT
Ilia Alshanetsky PHP 5.3 = Awesome!
Eric Farrar Planning for Synchronization with Browser-Local Databases
Sam Hennessy PHP – Faster And Cheaper. Scale Vertically with IBM Power Systems
Roy Ganor Develop at the Speed of Thought
Gaylord Aulke, Petra Ruehl A big PHP project from both sides
Shahar Evron Introduction to using CouchDB with PHP
Derick Rethans Xdebug — PHP developer’s swiss-army knife
Tony Cairns Zend Core on IBM i – Security Considerations
Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson Frontend Caching – The “new” frontier
Mark Chaimungkalanont, Douglas Butler Continuous integration and release management for PHP developers
Panelists Developing on the Cloud
Stas Malyshev I18n with PHP 5.3
Rob Allen Getting a website out of the door (aka Managing a website project)
Tony Cairns PHP and IBM i – Database Alternatives
Aaron Wormus Mastering OpenXML Documents with PHP
Elizabeth Marie Smith PHP on the Web and Desktop
Barry Austin Enterprise-Class PHP Security
Sebastian Bergmann Cool PHP Objects Sleep on the Couch
Alan Seiden Zend Framework on IBM i
Ilia Alshanetsky Premature Optimization Mistakes
Doug Tidwell Cloud Computing: The Hard Problems Never Go Away
Stefan Priebsch Seven Steps to Better OOP Code
Chris Cornutt Taming the Deployment Beast
Olivier Lépine Mazda: Advanced web services and PHP: strengths & flaws
Rob Richards Digital Identity: OpenID and Information Cards
Christopher Jones Best Practices for PHP and Oracle Database
Kirrily Robert Standing out in the Crowd
Andrei Zmievski State of PHP 6
Marcel Esser It Works on Dev
Roy Ganor Zend Studio Tips and Tricks
Kevin Schroeder Caffeinated PHP (Interfacing with Java)
Ralph Schindler Extending Zend Framework & Extending with Zend Framework
Fabien Potencier Using Zend Framework and Symfony Together
Ilia Alshanetsky APC & Memcache the High Performance Duo
Shahar Evron Zend Server – A Guided Tour
Derick Rethans Time = Money
Akhil Sahil Cloud Computing with VMware
Scott Baker A Series of Fortunate Events, or how we learned to stop kicking the cable
Arne Blankerts Security by design
Ivo Jansch PHP and the Cloud
Kevin Schroeder Application Diagnosis with Zend Server Tracing
Nate Abele The Future of CakePHP
Cal Evans MySQL Server Performance Tuning 101
Matthew Weier O’Phinney Architecting Your Models
Travis Swicegood Getting Git
Shahar Evron Zend Server – Scalability, Performance & Caching
Sara Golemon Using the Zend Engine 3 API
Josh Holmes What’s new in PHP on Windows
Edward Finkler Building Desktop RIAs with JavaScript and PHP
David Zülke The state of SOAP in PHP
Sam Hennessy Task Scheduling and Asynchronous Processing Evolved. Zend Server Job Queue
Stas Malyshev Core PHP: How it’s made
Wade Arnold Advanced Data Communication with the Flash Platform
Ralph Schindler Zend_Tool: Practical use and Extending
Chris Cornutt Right Where You Belong: The PHP Community
Majed Itani Best Practices High Performance and Scalable PHP Applications
Roy Ganor To Eclipse or not to Eclipse – that is the question
Kevin Hoyt RIA Problems You Never Knew Existed
Wil Sinclair PHP and Platform Independence in the Cloud
Jim Plush How to run an enterprise PHP Shop
Cal Evans Design Patterns for PHP developers
Mike Ho Server-Side, PHP-Generated AJAX
Dmitriy Soroka Magento – a Zend Framework application
Elizabeth Marie Smith SPL to the Rescue
Rob Richards Authorization with OAuth
Peter Higgins Pro Tips with ZF and Dojo
Daniel Cousineau Automated Deployment Techniques With Phing
Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson PEAR2 and Pyrus, the look ahead
Panelists Framework Shootout

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