Zend Framework 1.10.4 Released

April 28, 2010

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On behalf of the Zend Framework community, I’m pleased to announce
the immediate availability of Zend Framework 1.10.4, our fourth maintenance
release in the 1.10 series. You can download it from our downloads page:


This release includes approximately 50 bugfixes, the majority of which were
contributed during our href="http://devzone.zend.com/article/12064-Results-of-Aprils-ZF-Bug-Hunt-Days">Bug
Hunt Days two weeks ago. The fixes contributed help stabilize
and improve the 1.10 series.

Three fixes in particular are worth noting:

  • ZF-7493:
    an important serialization improvement in Zend_Amf that has been benchmarked
    as providing 200-300% faster serialization of large datasets.
  • ZF-9263: a
    fix to Zend_Loader::isReadable() to fix a regression found on Windows
    platforms. This fix should eliminate most if not all raised warnings that
    occurred during resource and plugin loading.
  • ZF-9504: a
    patch was applied to Zend_XmlRpc_Value to make value generation more
    efficient. Benchmarks and profiling show enormous changes on large datasets:
    in one example, memory usage drops from >1GB to 20MB, while dropping from
    execution times of >60s to around 10s.

We’d like to thank everyone who committed time, code, and translations since
the 1.10.3 release — the community has been quite productive!

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12 Responses to “Zend Framework 1.10.4 Released”

  1. georgemathewk Says:


  2. keufran Says:

    Ok, thanks for your answer.

    I’ll wait for Debian.

  3. weierophinney Says:

    We actually don’t maintain the Debian packages; those are done by Debian maintainers. Typically, they get the updates in very quickly, though.

  4. keufran Says:

    Thank you !

    When will this release be on the zend repository in the zend-server-framework package ? I’m using zend-server community edition on a Debian system and waiting for the bug correction of Validate MimeType !

  5. outlander1981 Says:

    nice article. i will download the new framework..i hope better than the last version

  6. htbaa Says:

    I just read the update in ZF-9263. Will try it next week. Weird that it always used to work pre-fopen. Thanks for the feedback!

  7. weierophinney Says:

    @htbaa: I’ve fixed the link — thanks for the report!

  8. weierophinney Says:

    Just a note for those not interested in clicking through to the issues: ZF-9263 is fixed for Windows. Regarding Linux/FreeBSD, the issue only presentes when safe_mode and open_basedir are enabled — and it appears that the reporter may have a bad include_path and/or be symlinking in ZF from a path outside the open_basedir setting — both of which would be issues regardless of ZF usage.

  9. htbaa Says:

    The link to ZF-9263 is broken, it points to ZF-7493.

    Do note that ZF-9263 isn’t fixed on either Linux or FreeBSD. It only concerns a combination of safe_mode and open_basedir as far as I’m aware of. But still worth noting.

  10. frenck Says:

    Congrats community with an yet a fine release!

    Really happy to see the XmlRpc changes :)

  11. kwasseem Says:

    Thanks to the community!