PHP, Flex and Mobile

September 7, 2010


Ryan Stewart is a technology evangelist for Adobe and Kevin Schroeder is a technology evangelist for Zend. When you put these two bright boys together in a room, you invariably come up with something interesting. This time is no exception.

These two have gotten together again to show how you can use Flex (Flash, ActionScript, AIR, you know the drill) and Zend Framework (Winner of a BOSSie) Their new article “Flex and PHP” from the most recent issue of Flash & Flex magazine, talks about using the same controllers and actions for returning both HTML and JSON. This concept of programming for multiple destinations is important in a web where your API may be more important than your HTML.

Mobile is big. The web is big. Services are big. It is no secret that in the past several years the API has become king. Simply accessing a web site is not sufficient any more.

You need to be able to access the web site, and its data, in a manner that makes it useful to other applications. Traditional web development just doesn’t cut it any more.

Here’s a DevZone exclusive for you, we’ve got the entire article right here in PDF format. Grab it and take a look. Even if you use a platform that dictates the technologies you can and can’t use, the concepts described are still important and useful.

Download the article. (PDF)

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