Announcing ZendCon 2010′s UnCon

September 23, 2010


Contrary to earlier reports, ZendCon’s unconference — a set of parallel, participant-driven sessions — will be happening again this year, for the fourth year running.

This year, Michelangelo van Dam has agreed to take the reins from Keith Casey and chair this year’s UnCon event. Michelangelo is well-known in the PHP community, having helped found PHPBenelux, assisted in promoting and participating in PHP HackFests, and assisted in running the Dutch PHP Conference unconference offering.

Details will be announced in the coming days and weeks; watch this space or Michelangelo’s blog to find out how you can participate this year!

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One Response to “Announcing ZendCon 2010′s UnCon”

  1. martin1982 Says:

    It’s great to see the uncon will be held, it’s always nice to hear what the audience wants to talk about.

    Too bad I can’t attend though :(