Adobe MAX 2010: Flex, PHP and Monkey Stickers

October 7, 2010


AdobeMAX 2009PHP is a great back-end for a lot of projects. However, these days, many projects aren’t using just HTML for their client side. Many projects are turning to Flex, Adobe’s Open Source framework built on top of ActionScript to build desk-top applications that talk to their PHP back-end systems. If you are using Flex to build AIR based desktop apps or browser based Flash apps, you probably want ot check out Adobe’s MAX conference. Here’s the Press Release.

Adobe MAX offers a wide variety of informative sessions and hands-on labs for designers, developers, and decision-makers. MAX provides an opportunity to learn new skills and connect with industry leaders, Adobe products users, and Adobe teams.

Zend will be presenting a special PHP session at the conference. Stop by our booth in the exhibit hall to learn more about how industry leading companies are using combinations of PHP, Flex and Flash Builder to build amazing rich Internet applications.

Don’t let the marketing speak turn you off, MAX is a great conference. Knowing how to build non-web front-ends is an important skill for PHP developers these days. For more information on MAX, click here and your browser, feed reader or personal web genie* will transport you to the Adobe MAX website.

As a PHP programmer, there are two things you need to be aware of. First my good friend and Zend Product Evangelist Kevin Schroeder will be presenting “Building a PHP Remote End Point with Flash Builder and Zend”. So when you get there, check the schedule, put a star on that one and make sure you catch his show.

Monkey Head Temporary TattooSecond, make sure you ping my buddy and business partner Keith Casey who will be at MAX this year. If you ask nice, he may have a Monkey Sticker or even a temporary tattoo for you.

*Personal web genie not included.



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