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November 10, 2010


Nick Belhomme has recently announced – in a blog post titled “PHPUnit Training Course for free” – that he is releasing the first few pages of his PHPUnit training course. This is the opening of a course that Nick developed himself and has been teaching for some time. Nick, a respected member of the PHP community, has this to say about his workshop and why he is releasing this material for free.

It is a workshop that builds a small demo application the Test Driven Development way. The reason I open this workshop course is because I strongly believe everybody should understand and use PHPUnit in their projects

He is not releasing the entire course but the free content is valuable by itself and if you like what you see, you are probably going to be interested in his full course. (Which includes a copy of his new e-book as well.

No one disputes that Unit Testing is a vital part of development these days. For those that are not doing it, Nick’s course, both the free and the not free, is a good way to get started.

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