Announcing The Zend Framework Bug Hunt Champions

November 23, 2010

News, Zend Framework

In just 3 short days, contributors managed to resolve exactly 111 issues. Fitting though, if you think about it, since this is the 1.11 branch for Zend Framework: 111 issues, 1.11 branch release… I’d like to say we planned it that way, but alas, it was merely coincidental the way these numbers worked out.

Fact of the matter is that this is, and just barely I might add, the most successful bug hunt to date. Last year at this very same time, we had an impressive turnout and even more impressive number of issues resolved. 110 to be exact.

So, without further ado, this month’s Zend Framework bug hunt champion, resolving 28 issues, is Ryan Mauger (bittarman). Ryan wins the highly desired Zend Framework t-shirt- congratulations Ryan, and nice work! Runners up this month include Ramon Henrique Ornelas, Jan Pieper, Richard Tuin, Mickael Perraud, and Marc Hodgins. Thanks to all of you who made the November bug hunt a success.

I’d also like to recall that with all of the fuss around Zend Framework 2.0 and ZendCon, one contributor stepped up as the winner for both months: Ramon Henrique Ornelas. Ramon is a repeat winner- and also entitled to receive the highly coveted Zend Framework t-shirt. Ramon, thank you again for your hard work in helping us close issues in those two bug hunts.

With each successful bug hunt, it should become further evident that Zend Framework is indeed a community driven project: form the new features that come in, to the quality assurance and issue resolution. Zend Framework would not be success it is without open source developers. So again, thanks and congratulations to Ryan Mauger and Ramon Henrique Ornelas. Contact me for details on how to receive your Zend Framework t-shirt.

See everyone at next months bug hunt!

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