PHP Manager 1.1 released.

December 14, 2010


Ruslan Yakushev has written a new blog post recently titled. “PHP Manager 1.1 available in Web PI”.

For those not familiar with the terms; Web PI is Microsoft’s Web Platform Installer. It allows you to install things like MySQL, PHP and a lot of cool projects like Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. PHP Manager Is a tool that allows you to control most aspects of a PHP install on IIS 7. Not only can you use it to configure php.ini, you can do all sorts of fun things with it including switching versions of PHP that a website is running.

Ruslan announced that the latest version of PHP Manager is now available. The post gives you everything you need to know to install it. He even give you pretty pictures of the different screens and features that PHP Manager gives you.

Here’s a quick quote where he talks about the things PHP Manager 1.1. can do.

* Register PHP with IIS
* Run multiple PHP versions side by side
* Check PHP runtime configuration and environment (output of phpinfo() function)
* Configure various PHP settings
* Enable or disable PHP extensions
* Remotely manage PHP configuration in php.ini fille

If you work with PHP on Windows and IIS then you need to take a look at PHP Manager. it’s a powerful tool but more importantly, it is one more sign of Microsoft’s commitment to make PHP a first class citizen on Windows.

Since I stole this one from, here’s a link back to their coverage as well. :)

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