Ivo Jansch presents “Egeniq Kitchen Table Talks”

December 29, 2010


A few weeks ago I showed you an article titled QRCodesby a friend of mine, Ivo Jansch in which he discussed QR Codes and how his new startup, Egeniq is using them. Well now Ivo is kicking up a notch by going video. In what we hope to be the first of many, Ivo presents a short 3:37 video on using QRCodes for user authentication.

Today we published our first Kitchen Table Talk on YouTube, in our EgeniqKTT channel. With these short informal YouTube videos we would like to share various information with you: App reviews, Egeniq product demos, interviews, testimonials, video registrations of our talks, product releases and events.

You can find the video at the Egeniq youtube channel or just watch it here.

I love it when companies decide that sharing is good for business. While I am sure future KTT’s will have marketing value as well as technical value, giving the community a glimpse into what is possible is always a good thing.

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