PHP Remote Exploit FIXED

January 6, 2011


How I do love Open Source!

Bug #53632 PHP hangs on numeric value 2.2250738585072011e-308 was submitted on 12-30-2010. Amidst all the partying and revelry of the season, the PHP core developers were hard at work finding the problem and more importantly, fixing it. This problem was discussed on The Reg, Network World, and reddit. (Read those while you are killing time compiling.)

The fix is in

For those of you who compile your own, grab the source code from the downloads page and start compiling. For those of you who use package managers, check with the mantainers to see when the new version will be available.

Once again, thanks to all the core developers for all they do. The ChangeLog for this issue lists Rasmus Lerdorf and Scott MacVicar as the committers for this particular fix. Let’s all raise our glasses in a salute to these two men. (or you could send them a thank you tweet, they’d probably like that as well)

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