A Year Of Zend Framework Bug-Hunt In Review

January 14, 2011

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2010 closed out on a pretty good note for the Zend Framework developer community. The december bug-hunt closed out with a solid 37 issues (as of Jan. 12, 2011). This bug-hunt was led by Ramon Ornelas in first place with 11 issues and Thomas Weidner trailing one issue behind with 10 issues resolved. 11 unique developers joined in to help make this bug-hunt a success. To Ramon, Thomas and the 9 other developers: the Zend Framework team cannot thank you enough for taking part and giving back to this project. It is contributions like these that make the Zend Framework the high-quality and widely popular PHP framework that it is.

All in all, 2010 was a fantastic year. With the 10 monthly hunts we put on (every month minus January and March), we closed nearly 500 issues in those 2-3 days on that third week of the month. Our best month was November where we closed around 110 issues. Naturally some months were better than others, but there was never a disappointing turnout.

Ramon H. Ornelas (@ramonronela) was our most winning contributor. He had won August, September, October and December with a tie in July. After him, Christian Albrecht (@c_alb) won in April and June, Ryan Mauger (@bittarman) took it home in November, Dolf Schimmel (@freeaqingme) in July, Jan Pieper in May, and Thomas Weidner (@ThomasWeidner) in won February.

For his contributions, the Zend Framework team has elected to give the 2010 grand prize to Ramon H. Ornelas: a license for Zend Studio 8 (and of course, a few t-shirts). Again, Ramon, congratulations and thank you so much for your contributions over the past year.

Let’s continue this momentum moving into 2011. We plan on continuing our monthly bug-hunt every third week of the month. We still have t-shirts to give out- and we still have bugs! Since there’s no shortage of issues in the issue tracker, there’s no excuse to NOT contribute back to this project you love to use. Help the greater community keep Zend Framework the high-quality project it already is.

Our next bug-hunt starts next week! So start getting ready. Happy hunting!

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