Sean Coates talks about CouchDB and MongoDB

May 6, 2011


coates_sean_frontIt is no big secret that Sean Coates and friends have been working on a project called Gimme Bar. Like most projects though, not much has been written about the technologies under the covers. Personally, I don’t think that’s because they are trying to keep it a secret, they are just too busy building to stop and explain.

Recently though, Sean did come up for air long enough to talk about at least one aspect of the underlying technologies of Gimme Bar, the data storage engine. Here’s a quote from the first post, “Gimme Bar no longer on CouchDB”

Having just spent the best part of a year and a half working with PostgreSQL at OmniTI, I felt it was time to try something new. We knew this carried risks, but the timing was good, and—quite frankly—I was simply bored of hacking on stored procedures in PL/pgSQL. We wanted something that could be expected to scale (eventually, when we need it), without deep in-house expertise, but also something that I’d find fun to work on. I love learning new things, so we thought we’d give one of the NoSQL solutions a whirl.

Sean goes on to give a very brief but informative explanation of how CouchDB works. He finishes up the rather lengthy post describing the problem they were trying to solve and why CouchDB wasn’t the answer they needed for Gimme bar.

In his next post, “Gimme Bar on MongoDB”, Sean discusses how difficult (or not) that the move between CouchDB and MongoDB was. He talks about mainly about the pros of MongoDB and how they impacted his particular problem. He ends the post with a few paragraphs of opinion on the two products.

After using both, extensively (for a very specific application, admittedly), I firmly believe that MongoDB is a superior NoSQL datastore solution for PHP based, non-distributed (think Dropbox), non-mobile, web applications.

Even if you are not currently thinking about NoSQL datastores, Sean’s pair of posts make for a good read. Sean’s writing style is easy to read and he takes the time to explain complex issues in a way that can be understood by programmers of all levels. Taken together, the pair of posts makes for a great lunch break read or for just sitting outside at the end of the day, winding down with a beverage of your choice.

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