Anthony Wlodarski’s Blog: Zend Framework and why it is important to read the source code.

June 11, 2011


Anthony Wlodarski makes an important point about what one of your first steps should be when considering a framework for your application – be sure to read the source first. In his case, it was the Zend Framework.

One thing I learned early on with ZF was that the curators and associates in the ZF ecosystem always fall back to the root of “read the code/api/documentation”. With good reason too! It is not the volunteers simply shrugging you off but it is for your own good.

He includes an example of the Zend_Validate_File_ImageSize component. By reading the manual you get an idea of the input and output values, but you don’t get as much of a sense of how it works unless you take some time to glance through the code.

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4 Responses to “Anthony Wlodarski’s Blog: Zend Framework and why it is important to read the source code.”

  1. viralmonopoly Says:

    I am learning PHP, so I find this information extremely helpful.

  2. cwilgus Says:

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  3. emxs Says:

    i agree to a certain degree, but a good manual with understandable examples would make reading the source code obsolete – pretty often at least.

  4. fierfeu Says:

    That’s exactly what I explained to my colleagues ! And the reason why I prefer the Zend framework : it’s code source is redable …

    but please can you also you comment in the tests files… thoose files are less readable than source code !!