Using Perl Code from PHP

April 14, 2004


8 Responses to “Using Perl Code from PHP”

  1. _____anonymous_____ Says:

    I notice that doing a $perl->require() or $perl->eval(), will send the header even if using output buffering. Once that happens, I can no longer set cookies, etc. Has anyone been able to use perl without it sending a header?


  2. ssg0 Says:

    Do somebody know how to fix this bug?

  3. strahinja Says:

    I`m trying to pass variable from PHP file to perl script in code bellow. If someone has an example to post that would be great, btw. everything else works great.

  4. _____anonymous_____ Says:

    $perl = New Perl() points to /usr/bin/perl or what default perl is.
    What if I want to use /usr/local/bin/perl?

    Do I have to decide this at pecl compile time?

  5. _____anonymous_____ Says:

    add to your php.ini file

  6. _____anonymous_____ Says:

    I installed PHP’s perl extension on debian. Everything installed without any errors. I checked whether PERL is properly installed by doing ‘apt-get install perl’. To be completely sure, I copied the file in the usr/lib/php5 directory. When I try to use the extension within a php script ($perl = new Perl();),I get a php error that the class cannot be found. Any ideas?

  7. _____anonymous_____ Says:

    You upgrade to php5. Its been out for 4 years, its time for an upgrade.

  8. omnoviatech Says:

    This PECL extension seems really cool, but its for PHP5 only. How can I do this php->perl stuff in php4?