Zend Framework 2.0.0rc5 Released!

We’ve tagged, created and pushed packages, and I’m pleased to announce that the fifth release candidate of ZF2, Zend Framework 2.0.0rc5, is now available!

Release candidates are now happening weekly, and will continue until we feel the code is stable; we anticipate that we should soon have a stable release.

Since last Friday, we’ve managed over 20 pull requests patching bugfixes, and more than 30 documentation changes, including expanded Zend\Db documentation.

Our efforts are now primarily to documentation. If you can help us, please do! Enrico has posted a primer on helping with documentation:

as well as a list of documentation tasks:

Please help out!

Below is the full changelog. Take some time to test the release, and to thank all the contributors who have helped get us this far!

- Zend\Db
 - Now handles null values properly in execute mode.
 - Added SqlSrv integration tests (prompted by a bug report of issues with
 establishing a connection).
- Zend\Form
 - The FormButton helper now allows translation. However, to make this work, it
 now requires that the label value is set in the element.
 - Fixed an issue with the MultiCheckBox helper to ensure checked/unchecked
 values are properly populated.
 - The FormCheckbox view helper now requires that the element is a Checkbox
 element; this is done to ensure the required options are available.
- Zend\Log
 - The table name constructor option is now optional, allowing you to pass it
 in a configuration array.
 - Now allows using DateTime with the Db Writer.
- Zend\Http
 - Added ability to set the SSL capath option.
 - Added a check for the sslcapath being set if sslverifypeer is enabled when
 first connecting to an SSL-enabled site; an exception is thrown if all
 conditions are not met.
 - PhpEnvironment\Request object now falls back to '/' for the base path if the
 SCRIPT_FILENAME server variable is not present (true in PHP 5.4 web server
 and several others).
- Zend\I18n
 - Caching translations now works.
- Zend\Mvc
 - forward() plugin no longer results in double template rendering.
- Zend\ServiceManager
 - Now ensures that when $allowOverride is enabled that services registered
 with the same name overwrite properly.
- Zend\Validator
 - The Uri validator is now listed in the validator plugin manager.
 - The EmailAddress validator now allows setting custom error messages.
- General fixes
 - Removed all locations of error suppression remaining in the framework.
 - Synced the implementations of Zend\Mvc\Controller\Plugin\Url and

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