Perttu Myry on Zend Framework

November 19, 2012


Recently Perttu Myry released the slides from lecture at JAMK about PHP application architecture and Zend Framework. He talked about the lecture in a blog post titled “Zend Framework”. Here’s a quick blurb.

The slides start by introducing some common problems which I’ve encountered while doing PHP application development. This was followed by some useful practices and design patterns for solving those issues. After problems and design patterns are out of the way, there are few slides about Zend Framework, what it is, why it makes sense to use it and some basic principles how Zend Framework based application works.

Below are the slides since Perttu was kind enough to distribute them via Even if you aren’t programming with Zend Framework the slides are worth taking a look at. it’s also nice to see PHP getting some attention at the University level. If you like his talk, make sure and drop by his blog and let him know.

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3 Responses to “Perttu Myry on Zend Framework”

  1. Beck Garrison Says:

    The Zend Framework is an extension of the PHP development platform. It strengths lie in its simplicity, object based best activities, corporate friendly licensing, and a rigorously tested, agile code base.

  2. Hunter Poole Says:

    Zend Framework provides individual components for many other common requirements in web application development.

  3. Perttu Myry Says:

    I haven’t put any effort towards marketing my blog or these slides so this was a nice surprise. Thanks for this post Cal.

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