The Growing PHP Community – Meet Shishir Chakraborty

March 4, 2013



One of the most amazing attributes of PHP is the the vibrant and constantly growing community.

Each week I look over a list of the latest Zend certified PHP Engineers and this impressive young man caught my attention.

Meet Shishir Chakraborty. A thirteen year old seventh grader from Bangladesh, and one of the latest Zend Certified PHP Engineers !

I “think” this makes him the youngest ZCE ever !

He is affectionately described by his educational mentor at Maple Leaf International School and Shishir has started a blog HERE .

I wonder if he will be the next Steve Jobs or Andi Gutmans?  Maybe one day I will work for HIM in the amazing technology company that he invents !

Please join me in congratulating Shishir!

5 Responses to “The Growing PHP Community – Meet Shishir Chakraborty”

  1. Mahbub Says:

    Congratulations Shisir.

  2. Sahedul Hasan Says:

    Congratulations Shishir. God bless you !

  3. Mahbub Says:

    Congratulations Shishir. Nothing to say but wish you good luck in all your steps. Be Universal.

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