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Announcing Zend Guard 6.0

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What’s New in Zend Guard 6.0 ?

  • PHP 5.4 support (in addition to PHP 5.3)
  • Fix most critical bugs (i.e. the bugs which create the most support tickets), including:
    • o licensing issues on Windows
    • o ZendId does not generate mac address
  • Clearer message in the site – remove Zend Optimizer
    • o Today there is a confusion between Zend Optimizer (obsolete) & Zend Loader
  • New license version – 6.0 (that means that users of previous versions won’t be able to use the new Guard without purchasing a new license / upgrade)
  • PHP 5.2 no longer supported (you will have to use an older version of Guard in order to support PHP 5.2)

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