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New Zend Server / PHP Cloud Integration

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PHPCloud.com is a great place in the cloud to do PHP development.

PHP Cloud Home Page

Thousands of developers have been happily using this free service for a year now but the the PHP Cloud team at Zend has continued to be hard at work.

The most recent release includes over 130 updates. One of the most exciting is the way that they have used the ZendServer APIs to integrate the Cloud Container System with the Zend Server Admin interface.

Here is a sample. When I log in to PHPCloud.com I get my container list.

My Containers on PHP Cloud

When I select one of my containers by clicking on it I go into the new container Admin Interface.

MyContainer - Zend Server Integrated

Zend Server users will see the familiar Zend Server user interface, but with one interesting addition. Note the FIRST tab “PHP Cloud”.

Not only does this really improve the PHP Cloud user’s experience, it’s a great example of  using the ZendServer API to extend the functionality.

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