Announcing the ZendCon 2013 App Contest Winner

September 17, 2013


Thanks to all the contestants who entered applications in this year’s ZendCon App Contest. We received several great apps, but the final vote was unanimous.

Meet Espen Hovlandsdal …

Meet Espen

The winner of this years ZendCon App Contest.

Espen Hovlandsdal has been doing web development for as long as he can remember. He is currently a software architect working at the largest online newspaper in Norway, Verdens Gang. With a never-ending enthusiasm for the web as a platform, he enjoys working on both the client and server side, always trying to figure out new ways to optimize applications and make stuff faster. When he can break away from coding he enjoys playing board games, drinking craft beer and trying to figure out the next project to start working

Espen will be attending ZendCon 2013 as a V.I.P. and having Lunch with Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski.


At ZendCon, the app will by found at

You can preview the app now, but we’ll be tweaking up until the start of ZendCon.

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