Sometimes It’s Not the Post, It’s the Conversation.

August 13, 2006


p. The absolute best session I attended at OSCON 2006 was the “PHP Lightening Talks”. Some of the presentations were interesting, others were hilarious. Theo Schlossnagle’s “Why PHP Sucks”: was both. Theo is a facilitating to sit and listen to, as you’ll soon see when I post my interview with him. He’s also quite funny when he wants to be. His presentation was interesting. It was part tongue-in-cheek and part dead serious but Theo left it to you to decide which was which.

p. Chris Schiflett, who works with Theo at “OmniTI”:, “blogged about it”: when Theo posted his slides. His was just a pointer for those who didn’t see Theo’s original announcement. However something interesting happened on Chris’ blog, a conversation broke out.

p. Many of the people who attended the talk (Ed, Terry, Luke, Aaron and Ben were the ones I recognized) chipped in with their two cents. Terry even posted a “spin-off blog entry”: Many interesting points were made, some barbs were slung at Java and the appropriate amount of scatological humor was posted. (Appropriate for this group.) All stemming from a speech that lasted 5 minutes.

p. Picking my favorite post is a tough choice because there are some great points and posts. However, I think “Ben Ramsey”: posted my favorite quote that I can print on a PG rated blog:

bq. “but it’s not like PEAR is suddenly a turd floating in the bowl of PHP development”

p. The talk was good, don’t get me wrong, but the conversation it inspired is much more interesting.

p. =C=

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5 Responses to “Sometimes It’s Not the Post, It’s the Conversation.”

  1. ramsey Says:

    Yeah, I always make it a habit to leech off of everyone else, Ed especially.

  2. _____anonymous_____ Says:

    Apparently the talk was pretty funny:

  3. admin Says:


    Sorry, it wasn’t Ben’s fault. I Just glanced over your post directly above Ben’s and missed that you were the originator of that quote. :)

    Terry. Thanks for pointing that out. Oh and thanks for the photo tips over on Flickr. :)


  4. coj Says:

    Ramsey’s always trying to steal my flow.

  5. _____anonymous_____ Says:

    Surprising, I wasn’t the one who took the discussion into scatalogy. :-)

    In any case, you attributed the quote wrong. It was Ed Finkler who said it originally. Ben Ramsey highlighted it.