Zend Weekly Summaries Issue #46

July 23, 2001


NEW: Bug system changes
BUG: SID and gzip
FIX: setcookie crash
TLK: Session handlers
TLK: Autocasting bug revisited
NEW: XSLT extensions
NEW: SRM beta
FIX: cURL extension

NEW: Bug system changes

Rasmus Lerdorf has added the ability to search
bugs by operating system on http://bugs.php.net/.
An “all” option is now also available, which will display a list of all the current
bugs in the database.

BUG: SID and gzip

Bjorn Schotte has reported a bug with trans_sid and
gzip output compression. Zeev Suraski
has confirmed that trans_sid does not in fact work with any kind of
output buffering [dead link], due
to the way it is coded into the output mechanism.

At this stage, the solution is to port trans_sid to use output
buffering. Until this problem is resolved, be wary of mixing these two

FIX: setcookie crash

Calling the setcookie with only one argument was causing a crash. This problem
has now been resolved and will be in PHP 4.0.7. If you need an immediate fix, you
can find this feature in the snapshots.

TLK: Session handlers

If you are developing custom session handlers, be aware: the session module does
not guarantee your data safe for simultaneous access. If the data your handler is
touching needs to be read and written in a concurrent way, you must implement some
sort of locking mechanism.

Also, if you are using the “mm” handler, you may want to try the latest source
from snaps.php.net. The latest version has some
improvements that make it more stable.

TLK: Autocasting bug revisited

It looks like a fix is going will appear in PHP 4.0.7 that takes care of the
autocasting bug. If you are using large numbers in your software (greater than
2147483647), you will probably want to upgrade immediately. Both PHP 4.0.5 and PHP
4.0.6 are affected.

NEW: XSLT extensions

Jascha Wetzel has announced two new extensions, both for XSLT. One uses the Gnome
libxslt; the other takes advantage of Xalan C. Note that neither currently conforms
to Sterling Hughes’ XSLT extension.
Read Jascha’s post
for the full details.

NEW: SRM beta

Derick Rethans has announced a
beta of the VL-SRM resource manager. This version can be used to handle both session
and persistent data, and will also authenticate users. Both the extension and daemon
can be downloaded here.

FIX: cURL extension

A fix was made to the cURL extension, which was always outputting the header,
even if the set_opt command had been used to switch it off. The fix
should be committed by now, so try a snapshot.

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