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Announcement : Google’s Peter S Magnusson to Keynote ZendCon 2013

Zend is excited to announce that the mid-day keynote on the first official conference day at ZendCon 2013 will be presented by Peter S Magnusson, Director of Engineering at Google. Title:               The rise of the Cloud Native developer Date:               October 8, 2013 PM Speakers:       Peter S Magnusson Google has spent years building out some of the most robust and scalable infrastructure… Read more »

Announcement : “David I” will Keynote ZendCon 2013

Do you know a Developer Community Champion? Developer Advocate? Developer Evangelist? David Intersimone, known to developer’s around the world as for over twenty years simply a “David I” virtually created these career paths that are now commonplace in the software development industry! Zend is THRILLED to announce that David I will be joining ZendCon 2013 to share an amazing and… Read more »

How to convince your boss to send you to ZendCon 2013

Convince your boss ! It’s a simple formula. The more a developer can increase their productivity and innovation while, at the same time, decreasing their downstream impact (bugs, future feature roadblocks, etc) the more valuable that developer is to their organization. In the open source world the technology we use to build applications evolves almost daily. Understanding industry and technology… Read more »

Celebrating the release of Zend Server 6.1 and Zend Studio 10.1

The Zend Cupertino Team celebrating the official release  of Zend Server 6.1 and Zend Studio 10.1 What’s new ? In Zend Server 6.1 … Support for the Nginx web server PHP code library management Enhanced mobile and web user dashboards and metrics Get the details HERE. In Zend Studio 10.1 Create and manage code libraries for deployment with Zend Server… Read more »

Photo – Risking Zend’s Technical Assets

If you’ve ever been to Rome then you have an idea about the crazy traffic in the city. At the handlebars in the photo above is Siddartha Agarwal, our Vice President of Field Operations and Chief Zend Wild Man ! In the passenger seat is none other than Zeev Suraski, our Chef Technology Officer and primary brain trust behind Zend’s products. As Siddartha prepares to… Read more »

Zend Developer Series: Maximize App Performance, Scalability and Availability with Zend Server

Cupertino, CA.— May 17, 2013 “ If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my ax ” – Abraham Lincoln [1] Did you know? If you aggregate the world’s pageviews during peak times, there are more than 70 million page views per minute [2] In March, nearly 785,000 websites were down for about an hour… Read more »

Andi Gutmans on RedMonk’s Opinionated Infrastructure – Mobile First and Zend

Zend Recently participated in the IBM Impact conference (A Websphere group event). At the conference, IBM demoed Zend Studio & Zend Server integrating with IBM Worklight and IBM SmartCloud (Mobile & Cloud solutions respectively). As Andi and Zeev we were visiting  the IBM PureSystems booth, James Governor from Redmonk  surprised Andi with a quick interview.