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Using the Digg API with PHP and PEAR

Digg offers a Web service API that makes possible to develop customized applications on top of the base service. This API, currently in its second incarnation, allows access to a number of important Digg functions, including searching and commenting on Digg stories. This article takes a fast look at how to integrate Digg’s Web service with a PHP application using the PEAR Services_Digg2 class.

Lorna Mitchell on Error Feedback for Web Services

On her blog, Lorna Jane Mitchell has written an article discussing how best various APIs & Web Services might want to best return error codes to programmers, and discusses the frustrations that programmers can have dealing with Web Services that do not respond with descriptive, and complete, error codes.

Creating a REST API with PHP

On his blog Ian Selby wrote a tutorial that takes you from ground up in building a REST API using PHP. It explains what REST is, why you would consider it over SOAP, and then step by step takes you through constructing the code to make it all happen.