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Simple Cloud API announced

A number of industry leaders have comes together and made an announcement. A new Simple Cloud API is being developed for PHP, that will create an easy way to interface with any number of cloud services. The current contributors to this project include Zend, Microsoft, IBM, Rackspace, Nirvanix, and GoGrid.

Get Your Cloud on with Zend Server CE

With their promise of massive scalability and high availability, Amazon Web Services (AWS) are getting a lot of attention from PHP developers. In particular, EC2 can run fully optimized and configured PHP environments that can be used to test and deploy applications without the headaches of hardware provisioning and management.

But developers have been left with the chore of building and finely tuning these PHP images. No more! Zend has built a full-featured Zend Server CE Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that can be spun up and ready to do your bidding within minutes.

In this article, I’ll show how easy it is to find and launch this AMI.

PHP’s Forecast: Partly Cloudy

You’ve probably heard about ‘the cloud’. It’s the latest buzzword circulating in Silicon Valley and beyond. In some ways, ‘cloud’ is a fitting name- everyone sees something different when they look at it. For example, offerings as dissimilar as force.com and Amazon’s MapReduce service have worked their way in to ‘the cloud’ moniker at some point. Even the cloud’s biggest advocates can’t agree on what ‘the cloud’ is. But in teasing the facts out of all the hype, you’ll find some services that could change how you write and deploy your PHP applications forever.