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PHP Advent Calendar 2008

“Christmas is nigh, and the PHP Advent Calendar rides again! In line with tradition, we’ve swapped the chocolates for doses of wisdom from people in the PHP community who’ve kindly donated their thoughts and tips to see us through the coming year.”

With big names in the already published list like Cal Evans, Matthew O’Phinney, Lorna Mitchell, Elizabeth Naramore, and another 25 issues coming up, you really can’t miss this years edition of the PHP Advent Calendar, brought to us by Chris Shiflett and Sean Coates.

Wether you want to follow the articles on Twitter, or rather subscribe to the feed, you sure will give the upcoming year a headstart with all the wisdom written down in these daily articles. Curious? Read the already posted articles on the PHP Advent Calendar 2008 website.

OSCON ’07 Wrapup

p. The echoes from the last OSCON parties haven’t even stopped reverberating though the halls as the next convention moves in. The vendors are all long gone and the attendees are all shoved in tiny seats on their express flight back to the real world. Let’s take a quick look over our shoulder at the party that was OSCON ’07 before answering the call of the road and heading off to the next event.

OmniTI Labs

p. Back at PHPQuebec, I was standing in the back of the room for the closing ceremonies when Laura Thomson of OmniTI announced that they had officially opened OmniTI Labs. Somehow, I passed over this fact in my PHPQuebec roundups, so let me correct that oversight now.