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Performance case study using Zend Core for IBM with IBM DB2 9 to service 10,000 active database connections

PHP is the market-leading dynamic language for producing modern Web applications. Its popularity for building content management and e-commerce systems stems from its portability, ease of use, and wide support for accessing database and enterprise data sources. IBM and Zend Technologies have partnered to deliver Zend Core for IBM®, which is the industry’s only certified and fully supported PHP development and production environment for IBM data servers.

Work with XML Data in the Zend Framework

One of the incubator projects in the Zend Framework is Zend_Db_Xml. Zend_Db_Xml, also known as the XML Content Store (XCS), allows web applications that use XML data to easily update, save, and otherwise manage this data. In this article I will introduce the XCS persistence API and discuss an implementation using IBM’s DB2 9 database with its pureXML technology. Finally, I’ll discuss a sample social networking application to show how easy and fun it is to develop XML-centric applications using the XCS.

Do You Really Need a Database?

p. The PHP Blog posted an article a little while ago titled “PHP & MySQL are not Peanut Butter & Jelly”. The gist of the article is that PHP and MySQL are not joined at the hip and that programmers needlessly rely on databases for projects that don’t necessarily require them. Whoops, I may have said to much. To get more, you’ll have to click the [ more ] link.