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PHP and Java: Using Java Print Service with Zend Server Community Edition

If one were to survey the extensions available in PHP one might come to the conclusion that we actually lived in a paperless society. However, we all know that isn’t true. So why does PHP not have good printer support? One option that explains why this might be the case is simply that printing documents is contrary to what PHP does well; handle short requests as quickly as possible. Printing is not conducive to this.

But what if you still need to have printing support in your PHP application? With Zend Server, Zend’s integrated PHP application stack, the answer might be not what you were expecting. Use the PHP Java Bridge, available in both the community and commercial editions of Zend Server.

PHP Abstract Podcast Episode 9: PHP-Java Bridge

Our special guest today is Kevin Schroder. Kevin is a technical consultant for Zend Technologies’ Professional Services Group. He has wide range of experience from large scale system administration to software development in multiple languages. Based out of Dallas, TX, he travels throughout the country for Zend providing consulting, programming and architecture services centered on PHP.

p. Today Kevin is going to talk to us about using the PHP-Java bridge.

Codemash Teaser: Caffeinated PHP

p. PHP is a powerful programming language but it is also a specific programming language. It, specifically, builds web-enabled platforms for information transmission. But what about situations where deeper integration into the enterprise is required? Or situations where you need resource caching or persistence so-as to not roundhouse kick your backend servers into oblivion, ala Chuck Norris. The PHP Java Bridge gives you a method of extending PHP’s functionality without having to build a C-based PHP extension to handle your need.

A Quick Look at Two BIRT Books

p. Since I’ve been covering Zend Platform 3.0, and it’s support for BIRT, it reminded me, my buddy Heather Fox over at Prentice Hall just sent me 2 books from Addison-Wesley Professional on BIRT. Come on in, let’s take a look at them.