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8 Zend Server Performance Features

Zend Server is renowned for its ability to maximize the performance of production PHP applications. In this article, I’ll give you a brief breakdown on 8 different features available in Zend Server that will help you do just that. #1 PHP Stack Zend Server’s PHP stack incorporates PHP extensions that have been thoroughly tested and optimized, including OPcache – a bytecode cache for PHP which innately… Read more »

Zend Server on Azure

This article was contributed by Boaz Ziniman, Senior Director of Technology and Cloud Infrastructure at Zend.  Last time I wrote about Azure was in 2011. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO ousted Bob Muglia from Microsoft’s server and tools division, and the future of Azure, Microsoft’s Cloud offering, was far from being bright. 4 years down the road, Ballmer is no longer with… Read more »

Getting Started with Zend Server on Azure

Getting up and running with a PHP environment on the cloud just became a whole lot easier with Zend Server becoming available on Microsoft Azure. This tutorial takes you through the basic steps for getting started with Zend Server on Azure, and will demonstrate just how easy it is to start developing PHP apps with Zend Server on the cloud. What… Read more »

Zend Server and Z-Ray for Magento

If you’re a Magento developer, performance is an issue you’ll be tackling more than once during an application’s life cycle. This is no big secret. Magento is an amazing platform for eCommerce sites. It’s robust and flexible, but even great things have their weaknesses. Magento’s robustness makes it heavy and complex – a crucial factor in development. To make sure… Read more »

Zend Server 8 on Amazon Web Services – What’s New

Zend Server on AWS

The latest Zend Server 8 on Amazon Web Services Marketplace (8.0.1) introduces some exciting new features tailored for Amazon Web Services users. We received a lot of feedback from users over the past few months, and many of the new features are a direct result of this feedback. Please keep sending us anything you’ve got via all the available channels. We… Read more »

Zend Server WebAPI spotlight: Continuous Integration

YonmaN   July 23, 2014   Comments Off on Zend Server WebAPI spotlight: Continuous Integration

Hey everybody, In this series of spotlight articles I will go over Web API actions that will be useful for implementing Continuous Integration. These Web API actions are those that provide feedback about execution and allow you to move and deploy your application to facilitate testing. Note that this article won’t tell you how to set up a CI system,… Read more »

Zend Server Web API Spotlight: Z-Ray

Hey Everybody, Zend Server 7.0 is released and with it an exciting new feature: Z-Ray. This new feature exposes your application’s inner workings and logic to you, its developer. To say that Z-Ray makes life easier is an understatement but there will be plenty of other blog posts to praise it and show how it can be used. Zend Server… Read more »

Zend Server Web API spotlight: Connecting to a Zend Server cluster, part 3

Hey Everybody, In my previous posts in the cluster series, I covered different ways to connect Zend Server directly to a cluster. This method of connection was introduced in Zend Server 6.0.0, giving it the much needed flexibility. Using the direct approach, a server can either create a cluster or connect to an existing cluster and all you need is database credentials… Read more »

Zend Server Web API spotlight: Connecting to a Zend Server cluster part 2

Hey everybody, In a previous post I introduced the serverAddToCluster Web API action which allows us to initiate clusters and join existing ones with Zend Server. That post showed some code and discussed how the clustering process is started; now I will talk about how we should track the progress of our cluster and deal with ongoing issues. In this article,… Read more »