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Zend_Form and Zend_Config Parts 1 & 2

May 15, 2012


Over at MaltBlue.com they’ve posted parts 1 and 2 of a series on using Zend Form and Zend Config together. Click on in, let me show you what you are missing.

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Manipulating Configuration Data with Zend_Config

September 28, 2010


When building a Web application, you’ll often find it necessary to save and retrieve user-defined configuration values. Rather than rolling your own code, consider using Zend_Config, which offers a complete API to read and write configuration data in INI, XML and PHP array formats. In this article, I’ll give you a crash course in how Zend_Config works, and show you how you can integrate it into a PHP application.

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Zend Config tree solution

June 21, 2010


The best part of my favorite PHP framework, Zend framework is Zend_Config. With Zend Config you can run you web application with more power full configuration that any one can change your application setting for use.

Read more information about Zend Config at Zend framework manual for Zend Config.

But in most web application you may have many configuration file with special format such as INI, XML or PHP. Also some of configuration is for one part of your application and may you put in special folders.

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Writing powerful and easy config files with PHP-arrays

May 8, 2009

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Ben Scholzen has blogged about how to create powerful configuration files with the help of PHP arrays and the Zend_Config component of the Zend Framework. He shows simple code examples and also provides the source code of a real-world case.

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Zend Framework Hidden Gems: Zend_Config

November 24, 2006


p. In this issue of Zend Framerwork: Hidden Gems we take a look at the Zend_Config class.

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Nick Lo Shows How RewriteRouter and Zend_Config play together

July 17, 2006

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p. Nick Lo has been a busy man of late. First a post for the child in all of us as Mr. Dizzy learns how not to program. Now he shows us how RewriteRouter and Zend_Config play together in applications built on the Zend Framework. Piqued your interest? Click [ more ].

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