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ZendCon Sessions Episode 041: Documents, Documents, Documents

Relational databases and web development go hand-in-hand — yet many web apps are decidely unsuited to relational storage. A new crop of databases has risen in recent years to solve these problems: document databases. Learn what types of problems document databases solve, learn what options exist for you, and discover some approaches to common web problems using these new technologies.

ZendCon Sessions Episode 037: Why MVC is not an Application Architecture

Why MVC is not an application architecture and how this should affect your code. Pretty much every PHP framework is based on MVC. We will explore what MVC was originally meant to be and how it is used (and abused) in web applications these days. We will find out where the model hides, and how to organize an application’s business logic and clearly separate concerns. As a bonus, unit testing will become a lot easier.

ZendCon 2010 Podcast – A New Approach To Object Persistence In PHP

The object-relational impedance mismatch makes persisting PHP objects in a relational database a daunting task. How about these new schemaless NoSQL databases? We will have a look at the problems involved with persisting PHP objects, and introduce design patterns that help solving these problems. Putting the patterns to good use, we will build a working PHP object persistence solution for MongoDB.