Joel Spolsky to Keynote at ZendCon ’07

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p. I’m excited to announce that Joel Spolsky, author, CEO, and “blogger extraordinaire”: has consented to be one of the keynote speakers at “ZendCon ’07”:

p. Many of you probably already know who Joel is. If not, he’s the author of several great books including Joel on Software and his latest title Smart and Gets Things Done: Joel Spolsky’s Concise Guide to Finding the Best Technical Talent, both put out by my buddies over at “apress”:

p. I’m excited because Joel will bring a new perspective to the conference. Joel is not a PHP developer but he knows a lot about hiring good developers and building good software. It’s the latter of the two that he will be talking about at ZendCon. Here’s the description of his talk.

bq. Too many times you see teams create very decent products that, for whatever reason, fail to rise above the crowd and truly capture the popular imagination. They are surprised when their products are mostly ignored by the marketplace, which seems to be captivated by some other shiny geegaw that’s functionally inferior and more expensive.

In many product categories, from software to consumer electronics, the product with the most market share is often more expensive and less functional than the number two product. I will explore why this happens and suggest some ways to design a blue chip product that people will love. After you get great software and products using the usual repertoire of debugging, usability testing, etc., you have to go still further and think about beauty, user happiness, and emotional impact.

p. So make sure you register, ZendCon is going to be bigger and better than ever this year.

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