PHPers Among the Top 8 Hottest Manbloggers on the Web

Thanks to Laura Thomson for pointing this out to me. Apparently Vanessa, proprietor of is the latest to realize that the PHP community is not just a bunch of smart people, we are dead sexy too.

Vanessa has realized what women like Laura and Christina already knew. PHP guys are smokin’ hotties. To prove this she listed both Chris Shiflett and Luke Welling as two of the top 8 Manbloggers on the web. (that’s 1/4 of the list for you Ruby fanbois out there) I’m sure it’s no coincidence that both Chris and Luke work for OmniTI.

Chris Shiflett #5
(Photo credit: Sebastian Bergmann)

Luke Welling #8
(Photo credit: Terry Chay)

Congratulations gentlemen. Sorry girls both of these prime examples of “geek beefcake” are taken.