Marco Tabini – Now showing: PHP’s true colours

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p. Marco Tabini:5 of DiamondsOn his blog, “The Accidental Businessman”:, Marco Tabini, publisher of “php|architect”:, has a new blog entry,””Now showing: PHP’s true colours”:”. In it he talks about PHP 4’s End of Life, “The dark art of running PHP”, and he gives some advice for those running hosting companies.

p. If you don’t know who Marco is then you probably don’t read php|architect. If you program in PHP for a living (or just as a hobby) you probably should be reading “php|architect”: on a regular basis. (but don’t listen to “their podcast”:, listen to ours) Marco is one of the smartest men I know in the PHP community and when he talks, a lot of people listen; even if he is comparing PHP to mayonnaise. (and yes, he had a good point there, it was still funny.)

p. So pop on over to Marco’s blog and give this post a read. While you are surfing, head over to php|architect and ask for your “free copy”: It’s not the one with my article in it but it’s still a good issue.