ZendCon UnCon Update

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ZendCon is heating up. With less than two weeks to go, things are starting to fall in place. One of the things we’ve added to ZendCon this year is the Unconference. Last year, several groups held informal sessions at ZendCon but always had to scramble for space and chairs. Recognizing that no one can’t plan a conference that covers everything everybody wants to talk about, this year we are providing the space and tools for anyone to be a presenter at ZendCon.

This year, we have not only space but thanks to the hard work of Patrick Reilly, there are already 15 sessions announced. (but no schedule yet) I would list them all for you here but they are just a click away at the ZendCon Unconference Sessions. There’s also the main ZendCon UnCon page that describes the UnCon in general.

Some of speakers (Un-speakers?) at the UnCon have already blogged about being there.

Finally, at least two of the speakers at this year’s ZendCon UnCon will not be able to attend ZendCon. Both Maggie Nelson and Ed Finkler will be presenting via iChat this year. We will be attempting to record these two sessions and possibly release them.

ZendCon UnCon is a part of ZendCon ’07 this year so you’ve got to attend ZendCon ’07 to be part of the fun. So register today!