Eclipse Developer’s Journal Reviews Zend Studio for Eclipse

p. Peter MacIntyre has posted a great “review”:
of “Zend Studio of Eclipse”: (Code name Neon) It’s an interesting read if you have been looking at Zend Studio for Eclipse.

bq. Zend has decided, and I think this is a great idea, to join in with the Eclipse community that was founded in large part by IBM a number of years ago. The values that can be added by joining with the Eclipse community are many and varied. Since Eclipse was primarily established as a Java development environment it has certainly grown in leaps and bounds by way of add-on libraries just to name one popular area. Zend saw that this was a great place to cozy up to and has been developing a professional version of its PDT environment (released earlier this year) for over a year now. The PDT version is its open source free-ware version of an editor IDE that is based on the Eclipse foundation materials.

p. When I was getting this post together, my friend Avigail asked me to make sure I pointed out that you can get “Zend Studio for 15% off”: right now **and** you get a license key for Zend Studio for Eclipse when it comes out. So if Pete’s article makes you say “I gotta get me some of that.” well, now you can and still save a few bucks.