Zend Framework 1.0.3 Released

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Hi all,

p. I am pleased to announce the release of Zend Framework 1.0.3, now
available for download on the framework website:


This mini-release resolves 79 known issues and provides some additions
to functionality. Below are some highlights:

*(disc) Zend_Gdata improvements and support for YouTube, Picasa Web Albums, and Documents List APIs
* Improved support for localization and translation, date/time and currency values, views, XML-RPC, and configuration
* New and updated documentation and translations

p. For the complete list of issues fixed with Zend Framework 1.0.3, please see the issue tracker:


p. A tandem standalone release of the Zend Gdata web services component is
also available here:


p. Many thanks to all in the “Zend Framework”:http://framework.zend.com community for helping to make this release possible!

p. Best regards,