Jaybill McCarthy Dispells 10 PHP Myths

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“Jaybill McCarthy”:http://jaybill.com/ has written an excellent blog post to open the year with, “10 PHP Myths Dispelled”:http://jaybill.com/2008/01/02/10-php-myths-dispelled/. In it he spends a paragraph on each of 10 myths about PHP and show why they are just not true.

bq. Myth #1: PHP is not a truly Object-Oriented Language

I hear this one a lot from Java programmers. It’s completely false. PHP has excellent OO language facilities. There’s inheritance, abstract objects, interfaces, properties and methods. Okay, there’s no polymorphism. (Personally, I think polymorphism might be the worst idea ever, but that’s just my opinion.) I will say that there have been vast improvements in PHP’s OO mechanics with PHP 5, but I’ve written lots of PHP 4 apps that were totally OO. The mere fact that you can write purely procedural PHP code doesn’t mean that PHP isn’t OO capable. Furthermore, the fact that PHP allows you to mix OO and procedural code makes things like bootstrap scripts really simple.

He goes on to tackle topics like:

*(disc) PHP Encourages Sloppy Code
* PHP is slow because it’s interpreted
* PHP isn’t really for “serious” developers

Click on over to “10 PHP Myths Dispelled”:http://jaybill.com/2008/01/02/10-php-myths-dispelled/ and give it a read.

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