John Coggeshall on Compiling extensions for Zend Core

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p. coggeshall_john_front Fellow Zender, noted author and all around nice guy John Coggeshall has posted an interesting tutorial on his blog titled, “Compiling extensions for Zend Core”: It delivers exactly what you would expect from John, a thorough, step by-step explanation of the topic. Here’s a bit to whet your appetite.

bq. Over the past few months there has been an increasing amount of conversation about “Zend Core”:, especially around how best to compile custom extensions for it. While Core does ship with a large list of extensions (which are all QA’d and supported by Zend) there are times when you would like to include non-official extensions from PECL for various reasons. Since there isn’t a great deal of documentation out there about how to do this I thought I’d write a quick tutorial.

p. If you are using “Zend Core”: and find yourself in need of an extension that is not supported, this is exactly what you’ve been googling for.

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