Don’t Wait for Digg to Kill You

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p. Over on there is a “great article”: on things you can do to sped up your site. They run the gamut from the new WordPress caching plugin to Lighttpd and memcached. If you are concerned about the performance of your site, you may want to take a look. Here’s a quick quote.

bq. …the gap between my first blog post, and a new one was ever growing, mainly because I realized that anything I did post would probably never be seen, as if anything I did post actually got Dugg to the front page (which I would be utterly proud off), or even got linked by somebody, the visitors would either be put off by the slow loading (upwards of 5-10 seconds at times), or the fact that WordPress would return the database “WordPress can’t connect to your database” error or even worse, not load at all, leading to “lol digg killed ur server!!!” comments on digg. And remember this was a simple styled WordPress blog, which I expect is utterly polished and optimized by several people – what would happen if I tried to run a custom app using the CakePHP framework?

p. The author goes on to list several potential solutions along with their pros and cons.

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