HTML Purifier 3.0.0

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p. “HTML Purifier has released version 3.0.0”: This is the projects first release of 2008 and the first release to work exclusively on PHP 5. The change log lists 10 features and changes to the tool.

bq. This release a number of improvements in CSS handling, including the filter HTMLPurifier_Filter_ExtractStyleBlocks which integrates HTML Purifier with CSSTidy for cleaning style sheets (see the source code file for more information on usage), contains experimental support for proprietary CSS properties with %CSS.Proprietary, case-insensitive CSS properties, and more lenient hexadecimal color codes. Also, all code has been upgraded to full PHP 5 and is E_STRICT clean for all versions of PHP 5 (including the 5.0 series, which previously had parse-time errors).

p. They do say that the 2.1 branch will continue to get security and bug fixes but no new features.

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