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p. Most regular DevZone readers know that we are not shy in our support for “”:: We believe in the good that they do and want to make sure that everyone who wants to participate in this great cause, can. To that end, my good friend “Elizabeth Naramore”: has posted a call to action over on, entitled “Support a Good Cause”:

bq. As you know, we like to give out our free t-shirts at conferences to help spread the word about our group. Soon, you’ll be able to buy them yourself, but in the meantime the cost for all of those shirts (and the travel to and from the conferences) comes out of our pockets. Occasionally we get help from corporate sponsors, which helps tremendously, but other than that it’s really been up to us. So some of the money will go to promoting our group through giveaways and exhibiting and traveling to conferences.We also want to help out those who may be in need of training materials, help with the “ZCE exam”:, or who want to speak at conferences, but may not afford to be able to do it. So part of the money will go to help our members achieve their goals.

p. Since I know many of you love their purple and white T-Shirts and seeing me stuff myself in one has been an endless source of amusement for many of you, I urge you to go visit “”: and consider getting involved.

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