Ajaxian.com announces two PHP Wrappers for ExtJS

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p. “ajaxian.com”:http://ajaxian.com recently posted an article talking about “two PHP wrappers for ExtJS”:http://ajaxian.com/archives/to-extphp-or-to-php-ext. If you are not familiar with ExtJS or if you’ve been considering dipping your toe in the Ajax ocean but weren’t sure where to start, this is a good post to read.

p. The libraries they briefly discuss are “PHP-Ext”:http://php-ext.quimera-solutions.com/ and “ExtPHP”:http://nexus.zteo.com/2008/03/04/extphp-an-extjs-converterwrapper-for-php-developers/. The author of one of the libraries, ExtPHP had this to say.

bq. “It is something that I had to think about in my day job, because my team is migrating to PHP for web development and I believe that we simply do not have enough time for them to learn JavaScript’s intricacies, I needed to be the one person who would have to wrestle JavaScript when problems happened. I therefore needed a way to insulate them from the gory details, which is why I created ExtPHP.”

p. ExtJS is a great library and these wrappers seem to make it easier for PHP developers to ease into the Ajax world.