Mobile Platforms Built On Object-Oriented PHP 5

p. Come join Zend and Kargo for a discussion of Kargo’s new platform for mobile applications built on Zend Framework.

*What:* Mobile Platforms Built On Object-Oriented PHP 5
*When:* June 04, 5:30 PM — 8:00 PM
*Where:* National Arts Club
15 Gramercy Park South
New York, NY 10003
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p. “Kargo”: has built this cool, always-on mobile messaging architecture and mobile internet platform built using everybody’s favorite dynamic language, PHP 5 and the leading for PHP 5, “Zend Framework”: (beginning to see why we are excited about this?) Here’s the spin.

p. Kargo derives significant competitive advantage as their application designers & producers make use of Zend Framework to build their next generation mobile application platform on. This platform delivers rich mobile messaging and browser experiences across a broad range of handsets and carriers. On top of this platform, Kargo has engineered additional community-centric functionality to enhance editorial and user originated interactions.

p. Zend Technologies will present an introduction to the modular “use at will” PHP 5 components in Zend Framework and Kargo will outline the high-performance messaging server and mobile internet platform they’ve built (integrated into every major US operator) using PHP processes in an infrastructure more usually associated with languages like Java, .NET, or C++.

p. If you are interested in the strategic use of PHP or in delivering mobile experiences and applications, you won’t want to miss this presentation-with *drinks* and *hors d’oeuvres* provided at the historic National Arts Club right at Gramercy Park–with time leftover for networking and other Internet Week activities scheduled later on that evening.

p. So, if you are in NYC on June 4th, drop by, have a drink and talk some shop with us.