Erwin Earley writes on PHP and the Zend Framework

p. If you are in the i5 community then you know the name Erwin Earley. Recently Erwin published an article on “”: titled “PHP and the Zend Framework”:

The short article is written for the i5 community but really, there’s nothing in there that isn’t useful to anyone evaluating “Zend Framework”: Here’s a short quote to give you an idea of the flavor of the article.

bq. Zend Framework is a collection of pre-canned objects (classes and function calls) that facilitate the building of modern applications and Web services by integrating advanced functionality into existing Web applications.

p. If you are considering adopting Zend Framework as your development platform, this article will give you a nice but short introduction.

p. You can catch Erwin’s act live at ZendCon this year. He’ll be doing one show only, “Open Source Applications”: Make sure you don’t miss him, “Register for ZendCon”: today!